Olguita’s Place began over one hundred years ago when Reynaldo’s Matthews’ great grandparents migrated to the province of Limon from Jamaica.  They settled on a point on the coast which his great great grandfather Jose Hansel later called Grape Point (Punta Uva). Grandma Olga was born on the beach and lived here since 1915. “Olguita’s Place” is his humble way of honoring her, “Olguita” was how Grandpa Vybert lovingly called her.

Below, we share some of our treasured images of family history with you.

2 thoughts on “History

  1. Hello Reynaldo – it was a pleasure to meet you, your wife and daughter on the beach the other day – was just checking out your website / very nice and lovely – great history and photos too – will swing by before I leave back to Cartago – cheers Maxim

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