Welcome to Olguita’s Place

Many claim to offer an “off the beaten path” escape into unspoiled natural beauty. Olguita’s Place is just that kind of gem, a family business on the south Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, made accessible at affordable and flexible rates. What was the last time you vacationed 50 meters from one of the world’s most beautiful beaches that also happens to be the site of a fascinating piece of history?

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Olguita’s Place was home of the first settlers of Punta Uva, also known as Grape Point, who arrived from the Caribbean islands in the late 1800s and gave it its name. Your host and property manager, Reynaldo Matthews, is a direct descendent of these original settlers. Reynaldo’s vision was to honour the history while creating a space of tranquility as close as possible to natural beauty. Contrary to an approach of over-development, he chose to maintain all of the original structures on the property. All newly-built structures bear the mark of simplicity and comfort yet do not overpower the landscape.

Apart from the experience of local history and natural beauty, you will gain a glimpse of authentic Costa Rican living. You will learn about the importance of the coconut tree and all the bounty and livelihood it provided for the original inhabitants of the area. You will harvest exotic fruits not found in conventional supermarkets or even farmer’s markets. You will taste the world’s most electrolytic drink, coconut water, straight from the tree, and witness, upon request, the extraction of extra virgin coconut oil the old-fashioned way. And much more.

Olguita’s Place will appeal to the wellness-seeker and environmentally-conscious traveler as well as anyone searching for a peaceful, quiet environment and true Costa Rican warmth and hospitality.

Olguita’s Place, home of the first residents of Punta Uva, also known as Grape Point. We want to share with you the beauty of this place.

23 thoughts on “Welcome to Olguita’s Place

  1. I am thrilled to have discovered the best kept secret in Costa Rica – “Olguita’s Place”. It was an amazing way to spend a birthday in one of the most beautiful places in Central America and with the most wonderful couple who were very accomodating. I can’t wait to return. Love always. Lorraine

  2. Olguita’s Place is more than just a location, it is a wonderful experience. I love to visit Punta Uva because my dear friends Reynaldo and his wife Isis makes us feel welcomed, they are very lovely and kind. I definitely recommend Olguita’s Place. Denny, CR

  3. We spent almost a year down in the Caribbean and found Reynaldo’s place just by walking down the main road in Punta Uva. We loved it so much and felt so welcomed by him and his family that we ended up spending over 4 months living on the property. Reynaldo, Isis and family are lovely people, and you will be hard pressed to find a better location than this (we know, we spent months looking:). Tucked back on the property, you feel safe and secluded (with a huge yard – especially great for kids), while also being right across the road from one of the most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica. All of the beaches in CR are public, so this as close as can stay anywhere! The reef right out front is amazing for snorkeling, and we saw more birds from Reynaldo’s porch than anywhere else in the Caribbean – tanagers, black hawks, honeycreepers, macaws, toucans, trogans… This is a beautiful and restful place. Highly recommend!
    Elena and Tyler, Oregon, US, July 2018

  4. Olguita’s Place can best be described as: magic. Whether listening to the nightly concerts of frogs and howler monkeys from inside one’s cabin, strolling a few yards down to an almost completely private white beach for a dip, watching the sunset colors brighten and soften while sinking one’s toes into the damp grass, or walking for miles down the sand path toward the national park, this is another world. I have traveled the world extensively for decades, and believe I have never been to a piece of the planet as beautiful and tranquil as this land in the small, earthy village of Punta Uva. The few, far-flung houses are simple and comfortable. They share the five acres with coconut, mango, and other fruit trees, flowers and birds of every color, and an array of wild animals. About 20 seconds in front of the property line is the gorgeous beach.

    Born and raised on the property, the Olguita of “Olguita’s Place” was the grandmother of Reynaldo, who is today the proprietor along with his partner Isis. These two kind, gracious people steward both their darling little daughter and the land, which stretches back in the family at least five generations and 103 years. Reynaldo and Isis will make sure you feel welcome and have everything you need.

    Far more than just a stunning vacation rental, this is clearly sacred ground.

    Beverly Bell, New Orleans, US, April 21, 2018

  5. “You gently open your eyes. A tropical bird symphony heralds the arrival of a new day. The lull of the sea which carried you to sleep last night reminds you how incredibly blessed you are. You are less than a 150 meters from one of the world’s most beautiful natural beaches. Tranquility abounds. There are no big hotels around you or large groups of tourists. It is you and the elements: moist and fragrant air, sunshine, gold sand, lush green vegetation, and turquoise Caribbean waves blending with the blue sky horizon.”

  6. Para nuestra familia siempre es una experiencia muy agradable alojarnos siempre en Olguita’s Place. Es un ambiente muy natural y por ende con bajo impacto a la naturaleza. Les deseamos muchos éxitos y bendiciones para ustedes. Gracias por la atención.
    Familia Martínez Quirós, Costa Rica

  7. The most relaxing month I have ever had with so much kindness from Mrs. Isis and Reynaldo. I will be back for sure. Thank you so much.
    Lucien Geoffrey, Canada

    Le mois le plus reposant de toute ma vie aviec tellement de gentillesie de Mrs. Isis et Reynaldo. Je reviendrai c’est certain. Mille fois merci.
    Lucien Geoffrey, Canada

  8. To Reynaldo and Isis
    Thank you so much for sharing your lives with me the last couple of weeks. It has being such a privilege to experience all the joys and pitfalls in the paradise known as Olguita’s Place, Punta Uva. Thank you also to the wonderful Nelly, long may she reign and of course to the delightful Isis who will be a force to be reckoned with in a few years. Thank you for the time and trouble you have both taken on my behalf; for our chats and discussions on life, and for your company which has meant so much to me.
    May your business go from strength to strength.
    Much love and God bless you both, Nelly and Isis Naytana.
    Helen, England

  9. Dear Isis and Reynaldo
    We have enjoyed your property and the surrounding area as an exceptional birding location. And we thank you for being such super friendly hosts. We enjoyed spending our evenings in the balcony of the big house reviewing our day of birding and Telling Tall Tails of the “ones we missed today but we will see tomorrow”.
    Thank you for your friendly, kind and affin humorous interaction with our group.

  10. Olguita´s Place, un lugar rodeado de bella vegetación, limpio, acogedor, cerca del mar, tranquilo, despertar con el canto de los pájaros y unos amigos super amables y buena gente no tiene precio. Los invito a visitarlos. Reservación al 2759-9087 / 8301-4989. Les aseguro que no se van a arrepentir.
    Elma Buchanan, CR

  11. En menos de un mes hemos tenido la oportunidad de disfrutar del ambiente tan natural de Olguita’s Place. Queremos agradecerles a Reynaldo y su esposa Isis las atenciones y buen trato en nuestra estadía. Tanto nosotros como algunos de nuestros familiares estamos esperando la oportunidad de disfrutar en el futuro de todo lo lindo que ofrece el lugar. Muchas gracias.
    Miguel, Cristina, Enrique, María Elena, Turrialba, Costa Rica

  12. Simplemente es un lugar hermoso tranquilo especial para descansar y vacacionar muy seguro y como siempre lo mejor es su gente

  13. Hoy tuve la gran dicha de visitar Olguita’s place. Sabes que estás en el lugar indicado cuando sientes paz, armonía y la tranquilidad que se percibe desde que se entra a la propiedad por el sendero bordeado de una zona verde limpia, fresca, recortada con el esmero que solo una persona que ama lo que hace lo puede realizar, su propietario Reynaldo. Las cabañas están estratégicamente separadas entre sí de manera que todos los huéspedes tengas su privacidad. Una deliciosa plática con Isis, propietaria y esposa de Reynaldo me hizo sentir junto a mi familia, la hospitalidad de la gente auténtica de esta bella región de Punta Uva. Este es un sitio ideal para llegar, parquear el carro, olvidarse de todo y disfrutar del mar y las aguas tibias y cristalinas de esta playa caribeña.
    Definitivamente un lugar para descansar y relajarse de verdad.
    Carlos Humberto, Noviembre 2020

  14. Excelente oportunidad para pasar un descanso agradable y cerca de la playa. Súper recomendado. Se puede acampar o alquilar cabinas equipadas y semi-equipadas. Olman, Octubre 2020

  15. Recomiendo Olguita’s Place a ojos cerrados.
    A todos mis amigos y familia les he comentado lo hermoso del lugar, la calidad de atención al cliente que tienen. Es un lugar magnífico para vacacionar. Muy seguro, la playa espectacular.
    Voy y no quiero regresarme.
    No pienso en otro lugar para hospedarme en el Caribe.
    Olguita’s Place cumple con todo lo que mi familia y yo necesitamos para unas vacaciones increíbles.
    Saludos a don Reynaldo, doña Isis y la pequeña Isis Naytana.
    Nos veremos pronto.

  16. Olguita’s Place un excelente lugar, una paz increíble y excelente trato, quedamos super contentos y complacidos, mil gracias.

  17. Las maravillas de la zona, la facilidad de la ubicación y el corazón de la familia Matthews hacen que en mi caso la experiencia de acampar sean Maravillosas.
    Yo no sé si yo dejé mi corazón ahí o me traje parte del corazón de ellos porque los veo como mi nueva familia.
    Recomiendo a 100% el lugar.
    Un abrazo.

  18. Just came across your special place. Could you please let me know if you have any room for 2 people for 5 days March 10 to 15? These days are flexible a bit. Would not have a car so you can let me know if this is a problem. Would like to be able to walk (20-30 min.) to a Super and restaurants. If a car is necessary, please let me know. Would like best room available. Thanks. Your place looks so peaceful.

  19. Will think of you guys this Christmas!

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